Apollo, the revolutionary headwear that actually changes with your show! Introduced by World Champion Carolina Crown, Apollo’s lightweight structure supports a reinforced, flexible fabric wrap that can shift shape, size, or color from show to show, year after year.
The Apollo
The Apollo
The ApolloThe ApolloThe ApolloThe ApolloThe Apollo


How it works?

Easy as 1...2...3...

1. Visor

2. Wrap

3. Assemble

All features on the Apollo are entirely customizable:

  • Visors are available in silver and gold
  • With the best design and graphic artists, FJM Apollo wraps can be drastically different year to year, group to group
  • combining the total package with feathers and plumes completes the ensemble in ways that put you a head above the rest!

Apollo Wraps

Specifically for use with our unique Apollo headwear, these Wraps can change the image of your group while accenting the look of the coolest "air-conditioned" headwear today. 

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