At FJM, our story is rich with chapters of ground-breaking ideas and original technology. And now, our fastest-growing modular concept, Gemini®, displays design imagination that turns uniforms upside down. Again

The Gemini Story

FJM creates a new classic for the next generation of bands! Your colorful game day spirit can be transformed into a sleek competition style using our popular modular system that combines today's custom stretchwear with our crisp tailored construction. 

Flexible, lightweight, and distinctive, Gemini captures your band’s character and recognizes your traditions. It’s a unique perspective on how to transform your uniform, and it’s amazing to see what happens when you add a contrasting stretch shirt to a tailored coat, or combine a matching hip drop, collar, and gauntlets with a sleeveless weskit. FJM uses a handsome modern base weskit, then "switches it up" with contemporary energy to generate completely different impressions! 

Gemini gives you fresh creative choices without losing your brand identity. Together, we are steps ahead, creating the trends others will follow.

We set out with twin goals: capture all the tailored construction of genuine Cesario uniforms, and pair it with the fashion-forward look of our famous FJM stretchwear. The result? Super comfortable performance wear that captures your individual visual identity, while giving you room to change your look from theme-to-theme, season-to-season. 

Gemini was road-tested on DCI World Champions Carolina Crown, Phantom Regiment, Blue Devils, and The Cavaliers. Now organizations of every kind are wearing a polished new look that stretches exactly when you want it, while keeping a handsome, durable core for years to come. Take a look at variations on Gemini on the next few pages. Now you can either have suit sleeves and crisp collars, or stretchable push-up sleeves, turtlenecks, and cowls on your adaptable pieces, or repeat prints on multiple fabrics. 

The options are endless. Hip capes? Check. Hat Wraps? Check. Apollo® Headwear? Check. At FJM, your design story can feature the creativity and flexibility of Gemini!