Fred J. Miller, Inc. turned to America’s most prominent fabric mill, Milliken and Company, and its most famous product, Visa fabrics, to secure the latest in fabric technology for its trademark Cesario™ Collection.Outcomes from the latest rounds of testing provided FJM with the superior fabric it demanded, and proved that the Visa System 3 outperforms the claims of every other fabric being used in uniforms today. Ounce for ounce, this rugged, durable, and comfortable fabric outscores any competitor for moisture management and stain release. And yet, it is woven in a classic 11.5 ounce gabardine, perfectly suited for the tailored fit and crisp good looks demanded by the top Bands and Drum & Bugle Corps who rely on the Image Makers at FJM. 

As highly-rated innovators of American performance fabric, venerable Milliken Mills of Spartanburg, SC. engineered the patented VISA System 3 to provide superior, permanent comfort, soil release and moisture management unrivaled in the industry. Here are the reasons FJM chose to go with the leader.

Comfort – The VISA System 3 fabrics’ smooth feel is the result of patented technology, engineered for high performance characteristics. In addition, the softness is permanent and consistent, even after multiple washings. In recent testing, 4 out of 5 uniform industry experts preferred VISA System 3 to nano -treated garments when it came to softness. And wash after wash VISA System 3 garments by FJM retain their resilience and colorfastness, while maintaining it’s breathability in all climate conditions.

Stain Release – The VISA System 3 is able to handle tough oil stains that are normally very difficult to get out. This is due to a patented process directly applied to the fabric, which also prevents spreading and redisposition. Tests showed that remarkable VISA System 3 is up to 4 times better than nano-treated fabrics in regards to stain release.

Moisture Management – The Visa System 3 comes with a superior drying rate. In moisture transport, VISA System 3 has shown to be 7 times faster than nano-treated fabric, while drying at a rate 33% faster.

Wicking Capabilities – The Visa System 3 fabric transports moisture and sweat away from the performers skin. Keeping them dry and comfortable. The custom, washable uniforms of the Cesario™ Collection have gained recognition for athletic comfort, distinctive good looks and enduring performance. And FJM’s ongoing relationship with Milliken Mills guarantees the most sophisticated Visa fabrics available.